Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Prayer for the Older Child

Dear Readers,

Could you join me in praying for the older children who wait. For all those who have lost parents and hold on to hope that someday they will be a part of a family again. Those who watch as the little ones get chosen; those who help interpret to the parents coming to gather their babies; those quietly watch and then ask their caregivers...when is it my turn?...while they grow older waiting.

We have several older boys and girls ages 4 and up who desperately need to find families. If you or someone you know is willing to consider an older child or sibling set, please contact us at 502-387-3848.

*child in photo is not an orphan or available for adoption


Bethany said...

Know that we are praying! Thanks for all you do for our families and these precious children! You are leading armies......!!!

Jen Wade said...

We are praying also! We can't wait to meet all of those beautiful children soon! We have adopted an older child and are in the process again for a 9 yr old!
Thank you Susan/Project Glow for advocating for these great kids!!