Monday, December 29, 2008


Project G.L.O.W. and Arise Adoptions welcomes home another precious Ethiopian child...Merry Christmas Thom and Lesley!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

History Channel

For those of you who get the history channel, tune in Monday night(Dec 22nd)for a special on Ethiopia! The Queen of Sheba and the Arc of the Covenant are said to be featured.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Update from the Scotts

Email down

The computer at our guest house is not working right anymore so I am not able to get on my email to send anymore updates! Things are going great and we finished our Embassy appointment yesterday - his Visa to America will come Friday morning! The boys are taking their morning nap (Thom and baby) so I"m going to head out with our driver to see if we can grab any last minute items to take back with us.

Sorry for the short update - we'll see you all on Saturday night!!! I'll send more detailed updates once we get home to the USA!!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Note from the Scotts

HELLO!!! We have arrived and we are in Addis Ababa! It is currently 8am (midnight in KY). Our flights were all on time Saturday and was a long journey - but we made it. We met a couple other families on the airplane yesterday - so we just enjoyed breakfast together! Our driver is coming at 9am to take us to the orphanage to meet our children.

We slept well last night however we were up at 4:45 this morning ready to go...I think my body was ready to watch Sunday night football (it was 8:45 KY time)...we all met at 7am for breakfast and are enjoying visiting with our 2 other families...the two other families have previously adopted from China - so they have been helpful. This morning was the first time I have ever had to pack "my own" diaper bag!! EXCITING!!!!

I'll try to post later after we see Eli (Yirdaw) for the first time....we have a shared comptuer here at our guest house that seems pretty easy to get on....we can't post pictures until we get home - but hopefully I can post daily updates.

Thanks for praying for us!! Can't wait to see our boy....