Tuesday, September 29, 2009

my time in ethiopia

So much to tell and on borrowed time with the internet... Arrived on Saturday night after a day delay with our flight...left thursday! Went to a wonderful service at an international church Sunday morning...great way to start our week. After, we went to the new orphanage to visit 11 children who were darling and tiny. We also visited the transition house and had some successful meetings.

Yesterday was maybe one of the hardest and most rewarding days of my life. We arrived at an orphanage to find one child close to death and 3 others very fragile. I have never experienced such desperate prayer in my life as I held a child of 8 months, weighing 7 lbs, her mouth hung open, stiff body and sagging skin. My wonderful team joined me in a car, each of us holding children that should have been in the intensive care unit of some wonderful hospital, as we struggled to hang onto them bouncing violently through giant pot holes choking fumes of black smoke. 4 babies needing hope and help.

The hospital doctor said that the one I held was 2 hours from death and critical...fever 103, sepsis, pink eye, upper gi infection, respiratory infection, roda virus and a severe case of dehydration...please pray for her. Her name is Hirwot...meaning LIFE.

Today, we visited the children in our home who are matched to families and waiting court. They were healthy, vibrant and loving...what a difference a little support makes! I was able to see little Melat...lovely; Bereket....Adorable; Dawit....Precious (gaining weight) Many of the children were in school but we will return on thursday.

Tomorrow we head to Nazret! Please keep us in your prayers! We are visiting a very needy area. Continue to pray also that God will arise in strength and power to have victory in Ethiopia.

Much Love,


Becky Brodbeck said...

Wow Susan! I am praying for you, your team and those sweet babies! You are an incredible woman...Thanks for making an eternal difference and sharing your journey with us! Love and Prayers.

Melissa Patrick said...

Susan, We'll be praying for you and the children who's lives you touch. Thanks for having the courage and faith to do this work.

Also, thank you for taking the pictures with you. We are blessed to have you visiting our children's Ethiopian loved ones.

chrisanna said...

Susan, thank you so much for the update on your time in Ethiopia so far. I love reading about it!
I am specifically praying for Hirwot & the other babies in such desperate need right now. What an amazing thing God has allowed you to be a part of.
I am praying for you & your team daily!

Seven Sojourners said...

So glad to hear from you! praying from you everyday :)

six Thompson said...

Thanks so much for posting! God be with you all!


amyemch said...

What wonderful and needed work you are doing. We look forward to our trip to Ethiopia and the work that God will lead us to do.
Scott and Amy Emch