Thursday, January 10, 2013

Do More!

We are all called to do something; Together we can do more! My friend Patty once wrote, 'It's not enough to just believe...we must do more' She was writing about believers who say they have faith but don't exhibit it in there day to day lives. In order for us to impact our world and the future, I am convinced that we must be willing to impact children. In order to really be excellent at effecting change and healing in others, we must first begin with ourselves. It is like the service announcement goes, 'you must secure your own oxygen mask first prior to that of any children around you'. As we move forward, our mission to provide hope to children is the same. Our goals and programs however, have changed. We believe that the best way to offer hope to children is by strengthening the adults in their lives. It is not enough to find homes for the fatherless if the parents in those homes are not equipped to parent well. It is not enough to advocate for the orphan if you are not willing to help sustain his biological family first. It is not enough to say you are brokenhearted over the orphan crisis if you are not willing to help change the poverty level of young women. It is not enough to say you desire to heal the emotional wounds of children if you aren't courageous enough to heal your own childhood wounds first. We must do more; believe for more. For His children and to His glory!

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