Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Where we've been...

We first began our efforts helping children through orphan advocacy as Project G.L.O.W. Established in 2003 to shine God's Light to Orphans Worldwide, Project G.L.O.W. set out to advocate for the fatherless. As a therapist, Susan began to see many adoptive families asking for help. Upon inquiry, these parents described how they felt both blessed and ill equipped to care for their adoptive children. She began to gather information and produced courses to help prepare parents prior to adoption. In addition to education, fundraising efforts were launched to help the orphaned and poor in various countries. Since we were educating adoptive families and working to support orphan ministries, it seemed logical to become involved in adoption. In 2008, Arise Adoptions was established to advocate for waiting children in Ethiopia through adoption facilitation. Working in tantum with Project G.L.O.W., it was a well loved, family run program that grew quickly. By May, 2011, the Arise Adoption program had experienced great success, growing rapidly to such extent that the Lord directed us to consider outside assistance. A newly appointed board would make the decision to give our agency, and it's Ethiopian program partnership with West Sands, to Lifeline Children's Services. Adoptive families would now be given the security of other country options and we would find ourselves praying for clear direction and next steps.  After almost 18 months of resting and waiting, we move forward with renewed vision and purpose. It appears to us that there are a great number of adoption agencies and limited support to families and children post adoptively. With the help of many of our original board members and several adoptive families, we go forward. Though we are still passionate for adoption, our goal is to support children and their caregivers through education, consultation and charitable giving. With renewed hope and mission, we have expanded our vision to include children whom have been impacted by poverty, divorce, and/or adoption. Arise for Children, Charities and Family Resources have been established to provide hope and healing to children and families worldwide. We invite you to join us as we help others love deeply, engage creatively, and give generously. We are steadfast in our belief that we are ALL called to do something and together we can do more...for His Children and To His Glory!

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